In Agreement En Francais

En accord en français : Everything you need to know about “in agreement” in French

When it comes to expressing agreement in French, there are several ways to do it. The most common expression used in French to convey agreement is “en accord.” In this article, we will explore all the nuances of the expression “en accord” in French.

What is “en accord?”

“En accord” is the French phrase for “in agreement.” This phrase is used to describe a situation in which two or more people have reached a mutual understanding or have come to an agreement on a particular matter. It is a popular expression that you will often encounter in both formal and informal French contexts.

Examples of “en accord” in French

Here are some examples of how the expression “en accord” is used in French:

– Nous sommes en accord sur ce point. (We are in agreement on this point.)

– Les participants sont en accord avec les conditions du contrat. (The participants are in agreement with the terms of the contract.)

– Les deux parties sont en accord pour organiser la réunion demain. (Both parties are in agreement to organize the meeting tomorrow.)

How to use “en accord” correctly

To use “en accord” correctly in French, you need to keep in mind a few key points:

1. Agreement between two or more parties: “En accord” is used to describe an agreement that has been reached between two or more parties. It is not used to describe an individual`s personal agreement or opinion on a matter.

2. Use with prepositions: “En accord” is generally used with prepositions such as “avec” (with), “sur” (on), or “pour” (for) to specify the agreement`s context and the parties involved.

3. Gender and number agreement: “En accord” must agree with the gender and number of the parties involved. For example, “en accord avec les conditions” (in agreement with the terms) must agree with the plural noun “conditions.”

Synonyms for “en accord”

In addition to “en accord,” there are several other expressions in French that you can use to convey agreement, such as:

– D`accord (OK/agreed)

– Tout à fait (absolutely)

– Bien sûr (of course)

These expressions are used in a similar context to “en accord” and can be used interchangeably in informal French contexts.


“En accord” is a popular French expression used to describe an agreement or mutual understanding between two or more parties. It is a versatile expression that can be used in both formal and informal settings. By understanding the correct usage and context of “en accord,” you can improve your French language skills and communication abilities.