Janitorial Cleaning Contract Template

If you are in the business of janitorial cleaning, having a reliable and well-written contract can help protect you and your business. A janitorial cleaning contract template serves as a guideline for the terms and conditions of the agreement between the cleaning company and the client. These contracts are essential for any business relationship that involves the exchange of services for payment.

Here are some tips for creating an effective janitorial cleaning contract template:

1. Define the services offered: The first and most crucial aspect of a cleaning contract is to define exactly what services the company will provide. It should be clear what the client can expect from the cleaning company, such as the number of times cleaning will occur per week or what areas will be cleaned.

2. Determine the payment structure: The contract should define the payment structure for the cleaning services. It should clearly outline what fees the client will be required to pay and when the payments are due. This may include the hourly rate, a flat fee, or a combination of the two.

3. Set expectations for both parties: The contract should outline the expectations for both the cleaning company and the client. The client should understand what their responsibilities are, such as providing access to the premises or ensuring hazardous materials are disposed of appropriately.

4. Define the length of the contract: The contract should define the length of the agreement between the cleaning company and the client. This can be for a specific period, such as one year, or it can be open-ended until one of the parties terminates the agreement.

5. Address insurance and liability: The contract should address any insurance or liability issues. It should provide details on the level of insurance coverage the cleaning company has and what the client’s responsibilities are regarding liability.

6. Include termination clauses: The contract should include termination clauses that outline the circumstances in which both parties can end the agreement. This can include mutual agreement, breach of contract, or other reasons.

In conclusion, a well-written janitorial cleaning contract template can help establish a strong working relationship between a cleaning company and its clients. By taking the time to create a template that is clear, comprehensive, and addresses potential issues, a cleaning company can protect itself and its clients, as well as provide peace of mind for both parties.